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Excess Hair

Excess hair growth, sometimes referred as Hirsutism, is when dark and thick hairs grown in areas such as the face, chest, stomach, and back. This is usually most prominent in women as these are areas where men normally grow hair already. The main cause of excess hair growth is a high level of male hormones, androgens, in the body. Other cause can include genes and medication that may have increased androgen levels.

  • 5 % of women develop dark and thick hairs on the face, chest, and back
  • Caused by an increased level of androgens
  • Laser hair removal provides a more permanent treatment option

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Who does it affect?

Excess hair growth is usually something that only affects women. However, if a man feels that they are growing unwanted hairs they can consult a doctor to ask about treatment options. A little over 5% of women show signs of excess hair growth across many ethnicities and backgrounds.

How to treat it

Luckily, there are a couple options to help manage and eliminate excess hair growth. Short term solutions include shaving and waxing which can remove hair but not permanently. Creams are also a solution that can help eliminate unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal is the best option for a more permanent solution to excess hair growth. The treatment targets hairs at their roots, preventing them from growing back anytime soon. Finally, medications such as contraceptives can help the body develop fewer male hormones and eventually lead to less hair.

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