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Dull Skin

When someone is suffering from dull skin, they have skin that looks dry and lacks the radiance of someone with younger, healthier skin. A lack of circulation is one of the main causes of dull skin. Smoking, excess alcohol consumption and a poor diet are all factors to causing bad circulation and ultimately dry skin. Also, dehydration can cause your skin to dry up making it have a dull complexion. Finally, old age can cause excess dead skin because of a slower skin cell turnover rate, making your skin look dull.

  • It affects people over the age of 30 because their body doesn’t generate new skin cells as fast as it should
  • Smoking, excessive drinking, dehydration, and poor dieting can all be factors that lead to dull skin
  • Skin peels, laser rejuvenation, and other exfoliators can help to develop smoother and healthier looking skin

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Who does it affect?

Dull skin is a skin care problem that can affect anybody. However, dull skin is more prominent in people over the age of 30. The reason being their body isn’t generating new skin cells as fast as it used to. Smokers are also more likely to experience dull skin because of a decrease in blood circulation.

How to treat it

There are several ways to help rejuvenate your skin. Drinking water and starting a healthy diet is a cheap way to help try and eliminate dry skin. However, there are many skin care products out there that can exfoliate your skin and help make room for new skin cells to grow. Some of these products have proven to make skin look younger and smoother. However, they aren’t always effective. Therefore, laser rejuvenation is available for people who are looking for a fast and easy way to have healthier looking skin.

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