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Cellulite is the dimpled appearance of skin around the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. It is strictly a cosmetic problem and doesn’t require a doctor’s diagnosis. Therefore, cellulite is a common occurrence that is a result of fat deposits pushing and distorting the connective tissue beneath our skin. It becomes obvious when the skin begins to dimple like an orange peel.

  • Caused when fat deposits push and distort the connective tissue beneath our skin
  • More prominent in women because of the way their fat and muscles are distributed throughout their body
  • Can be managed using massage treatments and laser therapy

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Who does it affect?

Don’t feel alarmed when you begin to see signs of cellulite, as it is common for most people. However, it tends to be significantly more common in women because of the difference in how their fat and muscles are distributed in the body. Even though you may assume larger people are more likely to have visible cellulite, fit people can still be at risk.

How to treat it

Even though there are no medical disorders problems with cellulite, many people dislike how it makes their body look. Therefore, cosmetic surgeons have developed ways to reduce cellulite and make people’s lives more enjoyable. Anti-cellulite creams using methylxanthines and retinol can help decrease skin dimpling over a period of time. However, more effective ways to such as massage treatments and laser therapy can make cellulite less visible. Massage treatments use suction rollers to help distribute fat more evenly. Similarly, laser treatments use suction and massage techniques along with light beams to generate a similar result.

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