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Blackheads affect 1 in 5 people worldwide at some point during their lifetime. Blackheads are a form of acne that is a result of a plugged hair follicle. They look like black holes that are sticking out of your pores. The mixture of dead skin and oil forms a plug that when exposed to air, oxidizes and forms a blackhead. Like acne, a cause for blackheads can be excess hormones as a result of puberty. Also, genetics is a cause for some people's blackheads.

  • Affects up to 50 million people
  • Can appear at any age
  • Easily treated

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Who does it affect?

Anybody has the possibility of developing blackheads at some point in their life. However, blackheads are most prominent in males and females ages 11 to 30. This is a result of the increased hormones that are present during puberty. In adults, blackheads are more prevalent in females because of increased hormones present during pregnancy and menstrual cycles.

How to treat it

Over the counter medicines and skin peels are commonly used to help eliminate unwanted blackheads. However, some people require a professional’s help when their blackhead removal process becomes more complicated. Most doctors have a special tool that can extract the blackhead in a way that won't irritate the skin. Also, laser and light therapy use tiny beams of intense light to help eliminate bacteria and dead skin on the surface of your body. Finally, doctors can prescribe medication that will eliminate bacteria, making it harder for blackheads to form.

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