Ranking the Top Fat Reduction Procedures

  • 20th November 2017

There’s nothing more annoying than having stubborn fat that you can’t do anything about. It can feel like diet and exercise alone isn’t showing any results. There are new procedures created in order to help eliminate stubborn fat. Each of these procedures uses different technology to break down fat and make you look better than ever. We’ll look at some of the most popular procedures and see how they rank against each other on a scale of 1-5.

Vaser Lipo

Rating: 3/5

Vaser Lipo is a minimally invasive surgery that uses ultrasound technology to discover where fat areas lie. The procedure starts with a trained professional placing a thin metallic tube is placed into the layer of fat after a tiny incision is made around the procedure area. The tube uses ultrasonic technology to vibrate the fat loose before suction machines remove the fat from the body.

Vaser Lipo usually only requires one, 1 to 3-hour procedure in order to remove any unwanted fat. Initially, you may be able to see some results, but you won’t begin to see the results you want until 1 to 2 months following the procedure as there needs to be time for the swelling to go down.


The procedure is easy and only requires small incisions to reach the unwanted fat cells. There is only need for one procedure and some results are noticeable immediately.


Sometimes, the specialist recommends the use of local anesthetics when conducting this procedure. Recovery can take a couple of days meaning you will most likely have to take a couple days off of work. The incisions leave small scars and bruising may occur around the procedure area.


Rating: 4/5

This non-invasive surgery uses a vacuum-like machine to absorb the bad fat in the body by freezing it at very low temperatures. The low temperature kills the unwanted fat, that is naturally removed from the body through the liver.

Cryolipolysis requires multiple treatments that normally last 30 minutes to an hour. The number of treatments needed depends on the area being treated. Results are never usually visible immediately so you need to go in expecting it to be a longer process. After around 4 weeks you’ll begin to see some results, until finally after 8 weeks your desired results should be visible.


Non-invasive surgery that requires very little to no recovery time. The body naturally removes the dead fat cells so that there is no need for suction technology.


Improper use of the freezing technology can cause redness and irritation for some people. This procedure requires multiple treatments and results are not immediate.

3D Lipo

Rating: 5/5

3D Lipo is one of the newest procedures for reducing fat. The new technology combines techniques from Cavitation, Cryolipolysis, Radio Frequency and Dermology to give one of the most rounded procedures out. The machine uses ultrasound technology to help loosen pockets of fat before freezing these pockets so that the cells can break down and moved out through the liver. In addition, Radio Frequency and Dermology will tighten the skin in the procedure area and use suction to remove any excess fat left over.

Similar to other non-invasive fat reduction surgeries, 3D Lipo requires multiple treatments over a period of time. The treatments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area being treated. There may be some initial results, however, it will take around 2 months to see the results that you were looking for.


The use of 4 different techniques means that you are getting the best out of each. The procedure is non-invasive so you can return to your everyday life following the procedure. The use of Cryolipolysis allows for the body to naturally remove unwanted cells. Also, Radio Frequency tightens the skin which would normally require an extra procedure after the removal of fat.


Some mild discomfort may follow the procedure but most people usually feel normal. It requires multiple procedures and you usually need to wait for results to show.


Rating: 2/5

Liposuction is the oldest fat reduction procedure and therefore has the oldest technology. As a surgical procedure, Liposuction requires general anesthetics so that the surgeon can make incisions in the procedure area. High-frequency vibrations break up fat cells making them easy to remove. Then, your surgeon will insert a vacuum into the procedure area and move it around collecting all the excess fat.

A liposuction procedure will take a couple of hours to perform. Also, because of the use of anesthetics, someone will need to accompany you to the procedure in order to drive you home. Even though there is a direct removal of fat, it may take a couple of weeks or even a couple of months in order to see results. This is because of the swelling that occurs following the surgery.


This procedure has been around the longest and surgeons are usually most familiar with this technology. Only requires one procedure.


This is a surgical procedure and requires the use of anesthetics because an incision is being made. Bruising and scars are almost guaranteed and there is a possibility of other infections. Recovery time is around 2 weeks requiring you to take off of work or school. Results aren't visible until later than a patient would expect because of swelling.

Overall, there are many new and exciting ways to remove fat when dieting and exercising aren't working. Surgical procedures like Liposuction and Vaser Lipo can lead to scarring and bruising but only require one procedure. Whereas the non-invasive procedures like Cryolipolysis and 3D Lipo require multiple treatments but show limited side effects. Ultimately, people have seen results from all of these procedures, but we recommend 3D Lipo because it is the most advanced while requiring no recovery time and proven results.