Tattoo Cover Ups After Laser Removal

  • 20th November 2017

Most people go under the laser with the goal of getting their tattoo completely removed. But there is another reason. Some people choose to fade their old unwanted tattoos to get a new design over the top. This involves using the same procedure, but instead the treatment targets certain parts to secure the result you desire. If you’re asking “can a new tattoo to cover up an area after laser tattoo removal,” the answer is, yes!

Why get laser tattoo reduction to then cover up?

You might love the placement of your current tattoo but are tired of the design, or even outright hate it. Maybe you’d like to change parts of it to alter the meaning. Perhaps you have run out of space and need to get rid of an old tattoo to make room for the new. Whatever the reason, Laser Tattoo Removal can provide a solution to make the new tattoo of your dreams a reality!

What are the benefits of laser tattoo fading?

Ultimately, a tattoo is an investment – you invest money, time, and your own body in your new art. Fading an old tattoo can be the best way to prepare your skin for a design. A few sessions of laser treatment can get rid of some already faded details that when tattooed over could make the new tattoo lack definition.

Similarly, dark, thick lines can be difficult to cover. This means your tattoo artist will have to design your new tattoo bearing this in mind. If you don’t want the remaining ink pigment left from your old tattoo to restrict your choices, then laser tattoo removal is the way to go.

There are many positives to this method. It can be extremely cost-effective, as you only pay for enough sessions to fade the tattoo enough to cover it. It might be that only certain areas with dark lines or troublesome areas need concentrated treatment, which could further decrease both the targeted area and the cost.

Time is another plus point. Obviously, you need fewer sessions if you are simply fading your tattoo instead of removing it completely. This again makes the treatment a cost-effective option and a practical way to get new body art exactly the way you want it.

How many sessions will I need?

It is best to have a consultation with your tattoo artist, who will be able to tell you how much fading you need to get the new tattoo you want. They might also point out what specific areas to target in order to achieve your new design. Typically, 3-4 sessions are enough to fade existing tattoos. It is best to work in conjunction with both your tattoo artist and laser specialist. They will ensure that you receive the right number of sessions, and allow adequate time in between to heal your skin, to ensure your tattoo cover up attempt is perfect.